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Turning chaos into calm: success story

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“Turning chaos into calm”

“Now I know what to do when my papers start piling up again!” “I was stuck, I was overwhelmed, and you made it so much better.” “You have improved my quality of life!”

These are just a few client testimonials I have received. My clients generally reach out to me when they are stressed out, overwhelmed and at wits’ end. I offer gentle guidance and hands-on assistance to help clients get organized and more in control of their environments – from cluttered offices to bulging closets.

Everyone has a different idea of what organized looks like. I listen to my clients’ challenges, their goals and their vision, and then I observe how they function in their environments. From there we work together to create solutions that fit their needs, their style and their life flow.

Recently, a client contacted me for an office makeover. Once the clutter was cleared, the piles were processed and the systems were implemented, there was still more to do. The client is an artist who loves bright colors and fresh flowers, so we brought those elements into her office. We successfully created a space where she actually wanted to work. Surround yourself with things that you love and that are supportive.

I believe that organization is a teachable skill. My goal is to educate and equip my clients with a system that works for them. If clients are involved in the process of clearing clutter and setting up new processes, they are engaged and better able to maintain the system.

I delight in hearing past clients say that they know exactly what to do when their paper piles start to accumulate again. That is when I know SOS has successfully responded to the distress call.

Simple Organized Solutions

Andrea Brundage

Andrea Brundage

Professional Organizer/ Productivity Consultant,

Simple Organized Solutions (SOS)