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“There is no room for doom and gloom.” – Falcon Sales

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“There is no room for doom and gloom.”

As a candy and general merchandise supplier to discount stores, dollar stores, party supply stores, school fund raisers, concessions and even wholesalers, my best business survival advice is that you must be able to ride out the bad days – believing what you are doing today will pay off soon.

In order for businesses to survive and grow, as a business owner you have to be able to make something out of nothing by finding opportunities to introduce your business to new customers. For me, that means getting more involved with local groups. You just never know who you may meet at one of those events that could be the next big break for your company.

It’s extremely important to remember that when business is slow, it’s the small orders that often keep you afloat – no account is too small. I am currently going after all business, including the customers with one store!

To run a successful business you need to have motivated employees. In my business, I keep employees motivated by creating a competitive work place. I like to have contests for sales, keeping progress visible to the whole team. By setting sales goals and showing individual progress, it’s a visual way to demonstrate it takes teamwork to get us to our goal.

Business owners are dreamers. It’s important to remember that dreams are a work in progress. So be patient, believe in yourself and good things will follow.

Dale Carlson Owner, Falcon Sales

Dale Carlson


Falcon Sales