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Summer Business Solutions eNews: Outage tips, influencer marketing and more

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See the latest business tips and advice in this summer issue of Business Solutions eNews.

4 tips to keep your business safe during storm season

The summer monsoon, which brings lightning, heavy rain and high winds that can bring down power lines, is right around the corner. Follow these tips to be prepared for storms:

  1. Sign up to receive outage alerts via text. With SRP eNotes, you can receive text alerts about outages in your area that could impact your business. To sign up for this service, visit 
  2. Create a business continuity plan with key employees, considering the impact of disruption. Define roles and responsibilities and make sure everyone is trained. 
  3. Determine the processes and equipment that would be affected by an outage, such as key electrical equipment, alarm systems, elevators, lighting and AC units. 
  4. Build an outage supply kit that includes emergency phone numbers, flashlights, a first-aid kit, and car adapters/chargers for electronics.

Download SRP’s free business outage planning checklist.


8 reasons to give influencer marketing a try at your business

Tyler Farnsworth of August United
Tyler Farnsworth of August United presented on influencer marketing to SRP business customers at a workshop held recently in Tempe.

Many businesses are turning to influencer marketing, a method in which key leaders help drive a brand’s message. When done correctly, influencer marketing can provide your business with:

  1. Locally relevant content
  2. Authentic stories
  3. Brand buzz
  4. Increased access to new audiences
  5. Follower growth on social properties
  6. Beautiful, engaging and unique content to share and leverage
  7. Increased awareness and support of key initiatives
  8. Specific and targeted calls to action

To keep your business competitive, check out more highlights from the recent SRP-sponsored “Influencer Marketing: A How-To” workshop.


Athena recipient shares keys to professional success

Athena winner
Catherine Alonzo is CEO of Javelina. She is also a recipient of the 2016 Athena Award and the Phoenix Business Journal’s 2017 Outstanding Women in Business for her professional success as well as the positive impact she’s made in the community.

Over the past five years Javelina has grown from three partners sitting around my living room coffee table to a leading Phoenix branding and marketing firm with seven employees and grossing over a million dollars annually.

On success:
I am reminded all the time that I couldn’t do a single thing I do each day if it weren’t for a whole lot of other people. From the construction professionals who pave our roads, to the person who stocks the grocery store shelves, and from the mentors who have supported me, to the interns on our team who approach every task with enthusiasm to learn and make a difference – it’s all the people around me who make any impact I have possible. Remembering that fact – and cherishing it – is at the center of any success.

On leadership:
The best leaders create other leaders. They teach and inspire others to be the greatest version of themselves. When you develop a team of leaders who are able to express themselves fully and authentically that is when you will have immeasurable impact in the world, and so that’s what I seek to do everyday. The true hallmark of my success as a leader will be to have a company that prospers long after I am involved. It is my hope that the leaders developed on my watch will carry on Javelina for the next generation.

Greatest lesson:
Your single biggest tool and asset is your mindset. If you believe you can, you will. The mind is an incredibly powerful muscle – and if you don’t control it, it will control you. Learning to master your mind will help you be in control of the decisions you make, the responses you have to whatever the world throws at you, and ultimately how you see the world.

Biggest challenge:
Not getting in my own way. Perception and fear often causes us to stand in our own way, and I find that not doing that is a constant practice. I have found it comes down to three things: 1) An awareness that you are creating hurdles and barriers for yourself; 2) Kindness to yourself so you can acknowledge this without judging it; And 3) A belief that you can do anything with time, a supportive tribe and a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon.

Advice to other business owners:
I realized recently that I will never cross the last thing off my to-do list. Shifting my focus away from eliminating tasks and toward achieving productive, meaningful ends has been revolutionary for our clients and team.