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Success story: Blockwise Engineering

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“Be REAL, be KIND, be DILIGENT, be SCIENTIFIC, take RISK, have FUN and make MONEY”

In my business, one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned over the years is how to say “no.” Our company can’t be everything to everyone, yet we’ve had success by focusing on a few key products.”

At Blockwise Engineering, we design and manufacture machines for companies that make medical devices to treat heart and vascular disease. Because we provide a specialized product in a niche market, we have a consistent demand.

But not everything was smooth sailing in the beginning. One of the challenges we faced early on was learning how to export our machines and equipment abroad. Now, we are very familiar with international shipping rules and regulations.

I think we’ve been successful because we constantly focus on refining our core technologies. While we see the value in developing totally new products, we think it’s key to invest in pushing our existing products toward higher performance and quality and, simultaneously, lower cost.

The best advice I can give to other businesses struggling in this difficult economy is try to be different and unique. If you do something that is totally different than your competitors, then you might fail or you might succeed, but you won’t have to slog it out and fight for every bit of business.

Ed Goff Owner, Blockwise Engineering LLC
Ed Goff

Ed Goff


Blockwise Engineering LLC