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Success story: BC Logistics on entrepreneurship, planning and strategy

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“Land, sea, or air, we will get it there!”

While working as an agent for a large freight forwarder, I saw the opportunity to improve supply chain loss-prevention procedures for a client. However, I was confronted with corporate restraints and red tape that were difficult for me to accept. That experience made me realize I wanted to be free to innovate, customize and be proactive.

Since starting BC Logistics in 2001, the greatest lesson I’ve learned is that with freedom comes sole responsibility. Venturing out on my own to start a third-party distribution services company presented many requirements that I had to meet and comply with to be operational. For example, it was up to me alone to get certified without the comfort of working under the licenses and safety net of a large corporation.

Working for myself was so much more work than I expected, but all of the accomplishments have also been more rewarding than I ever imagined. I’m proud of our strong, loyal staff members who know how to navigate the freight world and are passionate about the relationships they create and maintain. Our team has been instrumental to the success of BC Logistics.

To other entrepreneurs looking to start a business I offer this advice: Plan ahead, strategize and diversify. It’s important to prepare for turnover. As a small business, there is no guarantee a client or vendor will stay around forever. Acquisitions and mergers can eliminate customers, but you can’t allow that to derail your success.

BC Logistics

Vicki Boisjolie


BC Logistics, LLC