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“Stay true to your products” – survival advice from IPT, Inc.

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“Stay true to your products”

25 years ago, my father started Integrated Process Technologies Inc. (IPT). In 2011, I became the company’s majority shareholder, and IPT became a certified woman-owned business. Today, we operate in four states and have 30 employees.

IPT is the largest valve and actuator distributor in the Southwest. We also offer a wide variety of pumps, storage process tanks, mobile reverse osmosis trailers, mixers, filtration equipment and cryogenic equipment.

At IPT, we’re proud of the success we’ve achieved while weathering fluctuations in the economy. We accomplished this by staying focused on our business model, investing in new products and locations, and building strong relationships with our customers and vendors.

Also contributing to our success is the diverse product line and wide range of services we make available to our customers.

IPT water device

Yet, one of the biggest challenges we face is finding technical experts with the experience that complements our business model. In our highly technical industry, it is difficult to find people who have the credentials for success. We are fortunate that we’ve been able retain our valuable and experienced employees through the integrity of how we run our business.

My advice to other entrepreneurs is to continually reinvest in the business to accommodate the needs and requirements of your customer base. Don’t compromise your products or business plan. Always follow your principles.