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Nonprofit success story – Sunshine Acres Children’s Home

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“More than a home … we’re family!”

Sunshine Acres Children’s Home is unique because we do not receive state or federal funds for the care of our children. We also do not turn our kids away when they turn 18; we move them into our transitional living program.

My favorite thing about working here is seeing the kids change over a period of time. It’s very rewarding to see how talented the kids are at certain things, such as playing instruments, sports and school.

I think what’s made Sunshine Acres successful is our transparency. Our financials are audited every year and we make them available to the public. Less than 6% of our annual budget goes toward administrative costs. If we can keep our costs low, we can use those funds to care for more kids. We also have no marketing budget and we never solicit for a penny, a board or a brick.

Sunshine Acres

Some of the issues we face as a nonprofit include keeping up with the changes in state licensing can be challenging, especially because we are a very unique organization. We also rely heavily on donations, so when we start to see a decline, it impacts our business. Fortunately, we have been able to offset any losses in donations by starting a donation center thrift store.

I am proud that we have helped over 1,700 children since 1954. Looking ahead, I would love to see more homes and care for more kids — we have enough land to care for so many more children. I would also like to see our income from the sale of donated goods through our thrift and boutique stores completely cover our salary costs.

Sunshine Acres

Kevin Humphrey

Executive Director,

Sunshine Acres Children’s Home