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Nello’s Pizza on marketing, delegating and adapting

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“Over 25 years of makin’ dough and gettin’ sauced.”

My greatest lesson learned, and what I think I can share with other business owners struggling in this economy, is to stay versatile. There are so many factors that can make or break a business — it’s not just one good or bad decision, but a combination of factors.

For me, and why I think Nello’s has been successful in this economy, is because we reinvented ourselves to a certain degree. Though Nello’s has been a successful pizza restaurant for more than 25 years primarily through word-of-mouth, our challenging economy required that I find more ways to attract new customers to my business.

In addition to providing a great meal at a great value, I ramped up our marketing efforts by offering monthly wine and beer tastings. I began sponsoring the Chicago Cubs’ spring training team and working with the Tempe Chamber of Commerce to increase Nello’s exposure and expand our customer base. “No one will look out for your business more than you.”

I also found that delegating more responsibilities to young managers who are hungry to prove themselves has helped Nello’s weather the current economic conditions while also helping to keep payroll down.

My advice to every business owner is this: Be on-site every day to check in with employees and customers, because no one will look out for your business more than you.

Eric Gronning Owner, Nello's Pizza

Eric Gronning


Nello’s Pizza