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Success story: Lorelei Boutique owner, Julie Tenney, offers business advice to local retailers

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“Feeling good about yourself helps you achieve the small and big every day.”

Lorelei Boutique strives to help our customers find the right styles and complete outfit — clothing, jewelry, handbags and other accessories — to help them feel great about what they’re wearing so they feel confident and comfortable every day.

I credit the success of my business to providing personal service and offering special pieces my customers won’t find everywhere. I strive to get to know them and their style preferences and help them look and feel good, as well as have great conversations about their life stories, families, etc. Oftentimes it’s more than the product you offer. It’s the experience you deliver to the customer that sets you apart.

As a retailer I’ve learned that you constantly have to adapt and make adjustments quickly depending on how the market is responding and how the business is performing. Because a product sells out quickly doesn’t mean a similar product is going to do just as well in other seasons or as the business matures. Most importantly, I’ve learned to think big but act local. What may have worked well for a similar business in another city or state may not be the right fit for your market and customer base.

My advice to other entrepreneurs is this: Always remember it’s about the service you provide. We are all in the hospitality industry in some shape or form. It’s true that consumers want the best and most unique products, but if you don’t deliver it in a way that is meaningful and personal to them, you’re either not going to sell the product or gain their return business.

Julie Tenney, Owner

Julie Tenney


Lorelei Boutique