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Keys to success: Business advice from Anderson Security Agency

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To help your business, we asked Valley companies to share the secrets of their success. Kimberly Anderson-Matich, President, Anderson Security Agency Ltd., talks about lessons she has learned and advice she would give to other businesses. Have a success story to share?

Anderson Security officeAnderson Security Agency Ltd. is a woman-owned security company that has been operating since 1994. Within the industry we have a reputation for professionalism, quality, integrity and dedication to our clients and employees.

What has been your biggest challenge and what did you learn from it?

Our biggest challenge was the loss of a major client along with industry consolidation and a downturn in the economy. The mistake I made during this time was not cutting expenses quick enough. I have a big heart and helping people is my passion — it was so hard to let people go.

Another difficult decision was to sell the branch in Las Vegas to focus on the Arizona market. We learned to stay true to our values and commitments, never lost our focus and certainly never gave up. No business stays around 24 years without being able to adjust to challenges, whether it’s a recession, the result of a paradigm shift in the industry, or personal challenges that impact a business owner. My lesson here is don’t let your business be concentrated with large accounts, and if you need to downsize, do it quickly.

Anderson Security training academyTo what do you attribute your success?

I attribute my success to several things: my employees, customers and family. For without them, I would not be in business.

What was the greatest lesson learned from being an entrepreneur?

Being responsive and proactive to change.

What advice would you give to other business owners?

Surround yourself with loyal, dependable, talented people that want to be part of the company’s vision and part of a team.