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Go green (and save green) with workplace EV charging

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One of the most efficient locations for electric vehicle (EV) charging stations is the workplace. How do we know? SRP has installed dozens of charging stations at various offices for its EV fleet and employees.

If you have been considering EV charging at your place of business, you can now take advantage of workplace EV charger rebates from SRP. Qualifying business customers can get $500 for each new Level 2 workplace charger port installed (limit 12).

Other benefits associated with workplace charging include:

  1. Positioning your company as an innovative brand
  2. Achieving sustainability goals or clean air reporting targets
  3. Recruiting and retaining employees by offering attractive benefits such as EV charging
  4. Improving employee commute times (EVs can access the carpool lane)
  5. Enhancing your bottom line by reducing fuel costs for fleet vehicles

Workplace EV charger rebates