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Fortis Networks on raising capital and adapting to challenges

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“Yes, we can!”

As a general contractor that provides solutions in construction, engineering and technology services, we are often approached by agencies and businesses that need our help. By creating the right team and forming partnerships with other businesses, we have accomplished extraordinary projects.

Early on, our biggest challenge was raising capital so that we could grow. I had to take out lines of credit — and that was scary — but by slowly building relationships with banks, we gained their trust. It took years, but we have proven our worth. That part of growing the business was difficult and stressful.

In the downturn of the economy, we had to reduce our staff because business was very slow. But when faced with adversity, perseverance helped us remain steady. I never had doubts and I knew that we would continue to move forward. I believe that having a long-term vision also helped us succeed.

Don’t forget to surround yourself with people who are smarter than you are and, at times, more experienced than you are. You build trust in them and take their advice without letting your ego get in the way. I recently established an advisory board so that I could gain more experience, direction and advice. I carefully chose the members of the board so that Fortis could continue to grow.

Clarence McAllister

Clarence McAllister


Fortis Networks, Inc.