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Fall is here. Don’t miss the latest energy savings advice, events and more.

5 ways to celebrate Energy Efficiency Day

Oct. 5 is Energy Efficiency Day, the second annual day of recognition for conserving energy resources. Follow these tips to show your support and save.

1. Flip the switch
Lighting often represents one of the largest energy expenses for a business. Start saving by encouraging employees to turn off lights in unoccupied areas. Put signs near light switches as a reminder.

2. Be smart with your thermostat
Adjusting your HVAC by just a few degrees can make a big difference in energy use. Try these temperature levels for no-sweat savings:

Occupied/business hours            Unoccupied hours

 Cooling season                 78°–80° F                             Above 80° F

Heating season                 65°–68° F                              60°–65° F


3. Cool it with the water heater
If most of your hot water is only needed for restroom use, consider lowering the temperature. Water is often kept ready at a high temperature — around 140° — all day long. In such a case, the water heater could be set at a more moderate temperature, such as 105°.

4. Identify potential waste with Business Energy Manager
Take our quick online audit to discover new ways to be energy efficient and estimate your savings potential. In minutes you’ll receive a personalized energy report and action plan to save the most. Launch Business Energy Manager.

5. Discover more
Find more ways to save and celebrate #EEDay2017 at


We’re serving energy insights and savings options with breakfast

You’re invited to SRP’s Powering Your Business breakfast, a morning of hot-button utility trends and opportunities that could impact the way you do business. Come network with SRP executives, energy experts and Valley business leaders at this free event.

Learn about current efforts to protect Arizona’s water supply, the latest time- and money-saving SRP programs, and the bottom-line benefits of energy efficiency.

Join us Tuesday, Oct. 31, from 7:30 to 10 a.m. at the PERA Club Pavilion, 1 E. Continental Dr., Tempe. Please RSVP in advance online, as seating is limited.

Westaco serves up savings by implementing energy-efficiency upgrades

When Tempe resident Arlen Korer started his career in the quick-service restaurant business in 1992, energy efficiency wasn’t much of a consideration as a technique to save and succeed. Twenty-five years later, he says it can be a key driver in maintaining a healthy budget.

“Back then there weren’t the type of steps that you can take today,” said Korer, vice president of Westaco Inc. “LEDs (light bulbs) were just a fleeting thought, but it has progressed — as technology does — to the point where being energy efficient is very cost efficient. It just makes sense to do these things.”

Korer and his partners own Scottsdale-based Westaco, which includes 47 restaurants in Arizona — they started with just two. Through the years, they have found it quite beneficial to implement minor and major energy efficiency modifications to each of their locations. Through the years, Westaco has partnered with Salt River Project, its utility provider, to benefit from rebates and minimize upgrade costs.

Read the full story to find out about Korer’s favorite energy-efficient upgrade and what other improvements he’s made to his restaurants.


Local experts discuss a transforming Arizona economy

What will the future of Arizona economy’s look like and what efforts are happening now? A group of economic experts tried to answer those questions at the 2018 Economic Forecast Breakfast. The 15th annual event, hosted by SRP and presented by the Phoenix Business Journal, attracted more than 600 business leaders from across the state to hear and talk about where our economy is headed.

Chris Camacho, Greater Phoenix Economic Council

  • Advancements in new technologies are really shifting the way that we do our work and it’s shifting the way that we must prepare our education system because the future of the site selection decision-making process is less on cost and more on labor composition.
  • We have an opportunity to become America’s first “smart region.” It catalyzes the thinking of our mayors across this region to work together under one economic strategy and the goal is to harness a new technology adoption model that creates a new global identity for greater Phoenix.

Dr. Maria Harper-Marinick, Maricopa Community Colleges

  • We are developing industry institutes that will be fully aligned with the needs in the state.
  • My main concern is how many of our local youth and adults that are not accessing the opportunity for training. We must work together to get more people on a path to post-secondary education.

Sandra Watson, Arizona Commerce Authority

  • The idea of tripling the number engineers throughout our state is really significant as we talk to technology companies looking to relocate here.
  • We collaboratively developed the Phoenix Forward program that works at the local, state and regional levels to advance expansion opportunities in the area.