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Fairytale Brownies success story

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“Our purpose is to simplify gift giving and spread joy.”

My “aha” moment was discovering the gourmet chocolate brownie business is highly seasonal. When my co-founder and I sat around brainstorming business ideas, we never considered a seasonal business as a factor in the equation. We just wanted to bake the best brownies in the world. We quickly learned we were a fourth-quarter mail-order-food gift company.

We are proud to have just celebrated 20 years in the brownie business, and we couldn’t have made it without asking for help and learning to empower others.

Early on, we created a formal advisory board, and it was a great resource for us. We had six to eight different advisors helping us strengthen our weak areas.

I think asking for help is really important – for new and old businesses – because there is no way you’ll ever know it all.

The other key to our success is empowerment, because as you grow, you’ll quickly realize you can’t do everything.

It’s important for our employees to know how they can contribute, so we encourage them to share ideas and set goals. When employees are empowered, they can make decisions on their own. We don’t believe in micromanaging, because we’ve found that you have to let go in order to grow.

Eileen Spitalny Co-founder, Fairytale Brownies

Eileen Spitalny


Fairytale Brownies