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Desert Dental Care wins SRP lighting retrofit for office

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Desert DentalDr. Stacey Sanford, owner of Desert Dental Care , is in the business of illuminating smiles. For almost 15 years, the Scottsdale-based dentist has specialized in quality family and cosmetic dentistry. She’s dedicated her life to “enhancing and maintaining” her customers’ grins


Recently, her utility provider, SRP, gave Sanford a reason to flash a megawatt smile. In an effort to promote energy efficiency, SRP offered a small business LED promotion to its customers. Sanford signed up and won the grand prize: a lighting retrofit for her 1,800-square-foot building.

“The new lighting is great. The rooms are markedly brighter, so it makes it easier to see. The pure light and color are very natural, so it’s easier to match colors on teeth,” said Sanford. “The day after we had it installed, my patients said, ‘Wow, it’s a lot brighter.’ It’s just beautiful — especially the sleek wall sconces.”

It’s been one month since an SRP participating contractor replaced the outdated fluorescent lights with new LED lighting in common areas, exam rooms and offices.

Desert Dental“The process was pretty painless. Once we had the audit done, the contractors came in and we set up a day and time to make the changeover. It was very simple and didn’t impact my day-to-day business. This will also be beneficial in the long run,” Sanford said.

With the new lighting, Sanford will radiate joy year-round when she pays her utility bill. The improvements will reduce her lighting energy costs by up to 35 percent. In addition, the newly installed LEDs will last up to 25 times longer than the previous incandescent bulbs and emit less heat. Her offices not only look better, but she will also save money for years to come.

“SRP’s Small Business Solutions rebate programs are a tremendous benefit and help to our entrepreneurial customers like Desert Dental Care,” said Dan Dreiling, SRP director of Market Research and Customer Programs. “We hope that through campaigns like this, more of our small business owners will learn they also can have a no-cost lighting audit done. And, if they opt for improvements, we offer discounts that usually cover as much as 75 percent of the installation of new energy-efficient equipment.”

Improvements will also reduce maintenance and repair costs and customers usually recoup their investment in less than a year.

“I would definitely recommend doing this. It’s a nice way to save and get better, more efficient lighting, while not expending so much of your costs on energy,” added Sanford.

Author: Kathleen Mascareñas, SRP, (602) 236-2585