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Business advice from construction waste management company, Verde Solutions

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“Don’t ever take ‘No’ for an answer. You are probably just one ‘No’ away from a ‘Yes.'”

Verde Solutions handles construction waste management projects that exceed $20 million. We find any type of material that would normally go into the waste stream and identify a recycling stream instead. It’s actually expensive to throw away trash, which is why companies bring us on-site to minimize the waste and save money.

It’s beneficial to have us do on-site sorting, because we manage logistics, track all the waste streams and provide labor for on-site services.We are OSHA certified, so anytime we go on a project, safety is our No. 1 concern.

We are trying to make local companies conscientious of the environment before they have to act on something through legislation. The environmental impact of what we do is huge, but you have to get companies to buy into it, and that’s a slow transition.

The biggest challenge now is getting the decision-makers to take time to do things differently, because many are used to doing things the old-fashioned way. We learned you have to show the decision-makers how they have an opportunity to make money while making their business look good.

We started our company in 2010 during the economic downturn. We were told “no” by many big companies and told we were crazy for starting this business. As entrepreneurs, we were determined to find a way to make money and create an opportunity. We are always trying to do more with less.

The company started out with two of us, and the next thing you know we had 38 employees. We are small but darn good at what we do, and large companies use us because of that. We teach people how to make money on their trash.

If you are an entrepreneur, always keep trying.

Verde Solutions

Ricardo Cortazar and Sam Vigil

CEO and President,

Verde Solutions