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Mach 1 Global Services on what it takes to succeed

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“Others promise, we deliver”

At Mach 1, we give our employees the opportunities and the tools to succeed. We also have a strong team of employees that complement one another, which has been critical to our company’s success.

Our success is also due in part to having a culture that is constantly evolving. We listen and respond accordingly, whether it’s with the latest technology, new solutions or value-added services. We also stay on top of the latest developments in our industry and watch for economic trends that may impact our business.

The recent economic recession was our biggest challenge, as I am sure it was for most businesses. We learned that we must react quickly and address issues immediately. Being proactive helped us mitigate risks and allowed us to stay focused on our customers and their supply chains. We also learned that cost containment is crucial to achieving a sustainable enterprise. It must be a constant focus and practiced at all levels of the organization.

My best advice to other business owners is to always do what you say you’re going to do. Act on the promises you make to your employees, vendors and customers.

Jamie Fletcher

Jamie Fletcher


Mach 1 Global Services