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4 steps to success from Bunney’s Inc., a local construction services company

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“Our core values are SHARP: Safety, Honesty, Accountability, Respect, and Pride in Craftsmanship.”

Greatest lesson:
Learning to build strong relationships with our customers has proven to be mutually beneficial. I started working for Bunney’s Inc. in 1997 and took ownership in 2006. As a construction and maintenance service provider to the power generation industry, our company takes great pride in assisting Arizona’s power providers in reaching their goal of providing safe and reliable power to their customers. We understand the unique challenges they face in doing so. For this reason, we bring a highly skilled, experienced team to our projects with a safety record unparalleled in the industry while positioning our clients for success.

Biggest challenge:
Our biggest challenge is with prospective clients who have the mindset that the lowest bid equals the best value. Through these experiences, we have learned to be patient and to tenaciously continue the pursuit because we are passionate about what we do. That means being able to show savings through value-added engineering and safe work practices. As a result, our partnerships are lasting and our projects consistently come in at or under budget. It’s our goal to make the client’s job as easy as possible.

4 steps to success

The success of Bunney’s Inc. can be boiled down to four things:

  1. We were fortunate to have participated in SRP’s Small Business Leadership Academy. The knowledge gained from that experience has been invaluable to our company.
  2. We believe there is a direct correlation between successful employees and business health.
  3. The health and unity of our corporate culture is a driving force.
  4. We have a solid safety program where ownership is everyone’s responsibility. Each employee is instilled with the belief that a zero-incident work environment is achievable and nothing less than that is acceptable.

Advice to other business owners:
Simply stated but powerfully said: Invest in your people.

Andi Maxwell


Bunney’s Inc.