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4 HVAC tips to beat the summer heat

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Business HVAC tipsSummer is quickly approaching, making this the best time to prepare your business for the heat and better manage your energy bills. One of the most obvious ways to save on your summer cooling costs is by making sure your HVAC system is running efficiently. Follow these four tips.

1. Ensure your central air system is balanced.

You may be working the entire system very hard just to get a bit of cooling or warmth to the area farthest from the central air-conditioning or heating plant. “Balancing” the system involves adjusting the volume control dampers (if your system has them) and the registers.

The registers let the cooled or heated air into each area. They often can be opened or closed by moving a lever, a chain, a slotted screw or the louvers themselves. Turn on the air conditioning or heat, and adjust the registers so each area gets just the amount of cool or warm air it needs. Usually, registers farthest away from the central plant or circulating fan should be wide open and those closer to it partially closed.

Although you can make the adjustments yourself, the best way to balance a system properly is to call an expert who has special instruments. A properly balanced system will allow you to set your thermostat at more energy-saving levels.

2. Establish a preventive maintenance program.

Change or clean all air filters, preferably every month. Clean all heat exchanger surfaces, water and refrigerant coils, condensers and evaporators. Repair leaks at the unit(s) and in the piping, air ducts, coils and fittings. Replace defective equipment insulation, ducting and piping.

3. Get HVAC units serviced by an expert.

Making sure your HVAC plant is working efficiently is one of the best and easiest ways to save energy dollars. In a single season, a tune-up by an expert can often save much more than it costs.

4. Buy a new unit or system.

In the market for a new HVAC? Look for one that is both energy efficient and the proper size. In air conditioners, choose the model with the highest energy efficiency ratio for the size you need. Have an expert perform a “Manual N” calculation to select a properly sized system based on your building load characteristics and occupancy needs. SRP also has rebates for HVAC equipment.

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